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Monday, October 30, 2006

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December 12, 2005

Just a note - if you ordered original art, please check your ebay feedback - if I've left you feedback, your order was shipped today. If I have NOT left you feedback, then I have not received payment from you yet, and your item will ship as soon as that occurs - thanks! I was reassured by the post office that all internation artwork should reach its destination before Christmas, for any international buyers that were concerned.

If you have made a paypal payment for artwork, and I have not left feedback for you, please contact me via Ebay - if you've mailed in a payment and you haven't been left feedback, I probably just haven't gotten it in the mail yet, and your artwork will ship as soon as I get it. Thanks guys!

Comic updates are on hold for the moment as I am currently in the process of relocating - I'm hoping to have everything moved over by this weekend. Thanks for your patience with the delays!


Warehouse 23 is now doing poster printing, and as a result they are now offering the 'Read' design in a gorgeous, full-color 11x17 poster on heavyweight paper. I just received my comps today and I couldn't be happier with them. You can access the Warehouse 23 store by clicking on the 'store' button, or by clicking on this link - go give it a look!

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That's all, folks. Thank you for reading!

If you're despondent over the lack of QoW, this news may cheer you - due to an overwhelmingly positive reader response, QoW will start again next Monday and re-run all the original strips, seven days a week, with commentary. That's right, if you so choose you'll get to read my babblings about what exactly went on with the strips, stuff that wasn't supposed to happen, ideas that were ditched, ideas that were never explored, the works. I realize it's not NEW strips, but I thought it would be fun to do while I work on putting out my next project. Speaking of the next project - I will be announcing it as soon as it's ready to go. Keep an eye on the website, or the LJ community, or the forum, as I'll be posting it all over the place once it's live.

For those looking for other strips to read, check out my links section, and also the Keenspot dropdown up in the corner has a ton of good reads on it as well.

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Hi there! You are reading the Queen of Wands rapid-fire reruns, a seven-day a week run of QoW with commentary. Commentary on later strips will contain spoilers, so if you are a new reader and here for the first time, I suggest you take a trip to the beginning of the archives and give the comic a read-through spoiler-free before jumping into the commentary.
Originally aired 12/20/04: Sometimes I think too much. This entire conversation between these two is a result of one of those thinking sessions, where something that I've read somewhere will come back to haunt me until I can figure it out. There's this really neat movie out there called Omohide poro poro, or "Only Yesterday" - it's a Studio Ghibli film, yes it's a subtitled film, but it's this really touching look into the life of a girl, for simplicity's sake. I recommend it, the animation in it is stunning and it's just a...really, really sweet film all around. Anyway, within the film is the character, who is remembering being a little girl and trying to figure out fractions - her sister is trying to teach her the shortcut for dividing fractions, which is really, really simple, but the little girl is having a hard time understanding it. She has an apple, and she cuts the apple into four pieces, so each piece is 1/4 of an apple, and then tries to divide those further, getting more and more confused as the pieces get smaller and smaller. That's how I always looked at math - I had a hard time just doing it and applying formulas and using the 'rules' because the rules made no SENSE to me. How on earth do you divide a quarter of an apple in half, and how do you determine what that smaller chunk is supposed to be? Those of you that are reading and are actually proficient in math are probably laughing at this point, but math was something that was really, really confusing and incomprehensible to me when I was younger, and it doesn't make much more sense today, for that reason - I had to have some sort of realistic application for it, or something to relate it to, and that relation, that practical application, just never worked, even though by all rights in my head it should have. So when I read about different theories in math, like Gödel and his incompleteness theorem, the first thing I do is latch onto it and worry it to pieces until it makes sense in a rational standpoint to me. Does this always work? No, not always, but in mulling it over I usually come up with a lot of really weird ideas and ways of looking at the world that make perfect sense to me, but are kind of confusing to others., my family dinner conversations were never this complex, most of this stuff is kept solidly in my head so people don't look at me too funny.